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May 19
How to Check if a Health Facility or Practician is Licensed

In recent years we’ve seen headlines of hospitals, clinics and other health facilities being closed down due to compliance issues. The bulk of these issues tend to be human resource related where we see quacks misrepresenting themselves as qualified medics. This is cause for concern as such misrepresentation puts patients at risk of malpractices which […]

May 04
100 Hospitals Milestone and Other Updates

The end of April marked a new chapter for HOSI after we finally reached the milestone of 100 listed hospitals! We’ve been working tirelessly to add these facilities and we’re glad to report traffic, while still low, is steadily growing. It has taken 4 months for us to reach this point and I know you […]

Feb 21
What do NHIF Hospital Categories A, B and C Mean?

NHIF accredited hospitals that are contracted to provide inpatient medical cover for its members are grouped into 3 categories: A, B and C. (update: the categories have since been updated into just comprehensive and non-comprehensive) As a NHIF registered member you need this information when selecting your facilities as it determines the amount NHIF will […]

Feb 13
What is a Hospital’s MFL Code?

A Master Facility List (MFL) is a complete listing of all health facilities found in a particular country, including both public and private facilities. Each facility listed on the MFL is assigned a unique identifier code called the MFL Code. The scope of facilities listed are however not limited to hospitals and may also include […]