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Feb 13
What is a Hospital’s MFL Code?

A Master Facility List (MFL) is a complete listing of all health facilities found in a particular country, including both public and private facilities. Each facility listed on the MFL is assigned a unique identifier code called the MFL Code. The scope of facilities listed are however not limited to hospitals and may also include […]

Feb 06
How to Find Hospitals Near You with HOSI

HOSI uses Google Maps to show the location and give directions to all the hospitals listed on the site. But that’s not all, using Google’s dynamic maps we can also help you find hospitals near you anywhere in Kenya just by sharing your current location with your browser. There are two ways to go about […]

Jan 16
HOSI: A Platform for Hospital Information

HOSI get its name from the sheng (urban Swahili) word for Hospital (Hospitali). The story behind our site was to create a platform where users could easily access all the important information for a hospital. Some information which we provide include: Type of Hospital: Public, Private or Mission/Faith-based County Location Map and directions to the […]