Welcome to HOSI!

HOSI is a directory listing for hospitals in Kenya, built by Kenyans for Kenyans.

The story behind our site began late 2019 after the idea happened on our founder in the middle of the night. A few jotted notes later followed by 3 gruelling months of research and design, HOSI was finally launched on the eve of 2020.

The real work had however only just begun. Initially we had envisioned for hospitals to add their listings on the site however this proved to be unfeasible in the long run.

We therefore embarked to list the facilities on our own and thankfully through meticulous research and the availability of credible sources, we started adding new hospitals each passing day.

However, make no mistake; HOSI wasn’t envisioned as a run of the mill directory site. The listings though chock-full with very pertinent information regarding the facilities, were to serve as a conveyor to what had necessitated the creation of HOSI in the first place: Ratings and Reviews.

Hospitals, just like other institutions, be they public or private, need accountability and reviews/ratings when used appropriately are powerful medium towards achieving this end.

As a result, on each listing we provide a tab where our visitors can rate facilities on a few important metrics as well as leave a comment regarding the score they give. All reviews are also moderated to prevent abuse. This allows not only other visitors to find facilities that fit their needs but also helps the management of reviewed facilities to take actionable steps in finding gaps in their services and what actionable steps they can take to improve them.

That was our dream when we built HOSI: to empower medical facilities for the best health outcomes for their clients and businesses. As we embark on this journey, we hope that you’ll find HOSI a useful resource for finding the ideal hospitals for your needs and those of your loved ones!