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Oct 28
NHIF Comprehensive and Non-comprehensive Cover

While NHIF provides a comprehensive health cover called ‘Supa Cover‘ to all its members, the benefits a member can get from it depend ultimately on their choice of hospital. Until recently, NHIF accredited hospitals contracted to provide inpatient services to its members were categorized into three categories i.e A, B and C. These categories have […]

Jun 23
Health Insurance Companies in Kenya

Health Insurance is a type of insurance which provides compensation for medical expenses incurred from illness or disability. It’s also sometimes referred to as Medical Insurance. Various forms of health insurance exist in Kenya. These health insurance solutions are provided by various insurers including the government, employers, local and regional insurance companies and international insurance […]

Nov 18
NHIF Guide – All You Need to Know About NHIF

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers for medical expenses incurred as a result of sickness or injury. In addition to medical expenses health insurance may also cover for disability, dismemberment, accidental death or losses from accidents. The range of benefits that a medical insurance covers however depends on the contract between an […]

Aug 04
Why Hospitals need an Online Presence?

A spot check reveals that most Kenyan hospitals don’t have websites or an online presence for that matter. Private and faith-based hospitals (mission) however fair much better in this regard compared to their public counterparts. In this digital era, the importance of a landing page and an active social media presence for any business or […]