What is a Hospital’s MFL Code?

A Master Facility List (MFL) is a complete listing of all health facilities found in a particular country, including both public and private facilities. Each facility listed on the MFL is assigned a unique identifier code called the MFL Code.

The scope of facilities listed are however not limited to hospitals and may also include clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, funeral homes, rehabilitation centres etc.

The purpose of the MFL is to act as a central and authoritative repository of information for all facilities found in a country. Some information found in the MFL includes:

  • Administrative information of each facility
  • Information that identifies each facility
  • Contacts of the facility
  • The capacity of the facility
  • Services offered by the facility

Kenya Master Health Facility List (KMHFL)

Kenya Master Health Facility List (KMHFL)

Kenya has a MFL called the Kenya Master Health Facility List (KMHFL) which is publicly available on the ministry of health subdomain: http://kmhfl.health.go.ke.

For all hospitals listed on HOSI we include the MFL code for users that wish to access its information on the KMHFL.

To do this, just go to KMHFL Homepage and search this code to find the hospital. In the rare occasion that the search yields no results, please search the hospital name instead.

Information available on the KMHFL for facilities listed include:

The information available varies with facility and on a significant amount of listings you may notice that the data is either non-existent or very sparse.

For such cases you can look up the facility website online for more information or simply search for it on HOSI to see if it’s already listed.


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