100 Hospitals Milestone and Other Updates

The end of April marked a new chapter for HOSI after we finally reached the milestone of 100 listed hospitals! We’ve been working tirelessly to add these facilities and we’re glad to report traffic, while still low, is steadily growing.

It has taken 4 months for us to reach this point and I know you may be wondering why that long. Well, the reason for that is that all the listings we add on our site are done manually. No scraping, no automated bots! Just the good old typing and publishing.

This combined with the time it takes to research the rather detailed information for each listing means it takes us on average a day to add one listing.

Nevertheless, we’re not after numbers and our top priority has always been our unbridled commitment to quality content.


Other Updates

Apart from the listings, we’ve also had some few changes with respect to the site design and some functionalities. They include:

  1. We’ve added a new category of hospitals: NGO hospitals. Not many hospitals are found in this category, at least the high tier ones, but we feel this is going to be especially beneficial for those looking for hospitals that are not-for-profit but not necessarily faith-based (mission).
  2. The featured hospitals section on the homepage has been expanded to show 6 listings i.e. one for each category. Featured hospitals are changed every two weeks as we cycle through all the listings available.
  3. The hospital listing view on mobile has been redesigned. Previously the design looked similar across both mobile and desktop. In the new design, the mobile view has been made more compact by reducing the amount of space the profile image took and put the buttons on their own row.
  4. At the bottom of each hospital listing we previously showed similar hospitals that are in the same category and region (county). We’ve refined this so that it now shows you similar hospitals still in the same category but that are nearest to it (within a radius of 100KM).
  5. More options have been added to the navigation menu and the mobile menu now includes icons for all the top-level items.
  6. We’ve added disclaimer and terms of use pages that provide information on how users should use our site. You can access this from the footer menu at the bottom of any page on the site.

Going Forward

In the next few months expect to see blog posts on the Kenyan Health System, NHIF and other topics pertinent to the health sector. As usual, we’ll continue adding more hospitals as we look forward to reaching the 200th mark.

In this article we update you on our recent milestone of 100 listed hospitals and the new changes we have on the site.