Thika Level 5 Hospital is a county referral hospital located in Kiambu County, Thika West District, Thika Municipality division in Biashara sub-location along the General Kago Road.

Mount Kenya University

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  • June 29, 2022 12:24 pm local time

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P.O. Box 227-01000, Thika

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0758 721999

  • Purity
    June 6, 2021 at 8:38 am

    Me and my daughter almost died there. Had prolonged unattended labour all night. The nurse on duty didn’t bother to even check my baby’s heart beat. The baby suffered Meconium aspiration syndrome was taken to NBU and no antibiotics were administered. The clinician on duty said the baby looked Okey. No tests were done to ascertain that. Following 3 visits after the baby became very irritable, was dismissed with bonnisan and paracetamol and before I knew it, the baby started convulsing and was saved by a pedestrian in a private hospital. Was diagnosed with menengitis due to meconium aspiration. What am I saying, go there at your own risk. Very negligent/incompetent clinicians and nurses. Yaani…they are don’t cares. I have all documents to support my review.

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  • Patient
    June 26, 2021 at 7:26 am

    Receptionist watchlady serving on 26th June 2021 at 7:25 Am, Lady is so RUDE and MEAN

  • Mmutondoo
    August 28, 2021 at 11:26 am

    Just been sitting for over 3 hrs at covid test bench , sitting distancing is poorly observed , personally have talked to several staffs to help proved benches so that oaitients can keep distancing to avoid contracting the virus but nobody minds.

    The only doctors who has assisted has is one with bunch of madam Kibunja

  • Peterson Mwangi Kimani
    November 24, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    My name is Peterson Mwangi Kimani.
    I am a regular patient at the hospital and have had to visit several clinics at the hospital including the opd, dental, DCC ,CCC, Lab, radiology and pharmacy.
    I have also have the opportunity to visit other Level 5 hospitals and KNH in the process of seeking medical care. I would like to comment as follows regarding services at Thika Level 5.
    1. Payment Process
    The payment process at Thika Level 5 is the slowest in the world. The turnaround time per patient is very long. The queues at the payment office near the small gate is hell. If you are lucky, you get to queue for two hours in the open heat or in the rain as the queue area is open. When I think of this ordeal, I choose for alternative hospitals. What grieves my heart is to see small children crying helplessly in pain as the mothers try to cuddle them helplessly. Recently I witnessed a mother lose her baby as she could not get to see a doctor in time as she had to wait for ages in the payment queue. Another time an elderly lady passed on as we watched at the DCC clinic because her daughters had to run helter skelter looking for the quickest way to pay for the required 200 shillings.
    In my humble opinion, the payment process should be completely be overhauled and more effective staff deployed. In addition, extra pay points should be introduced. I think you should emulate the KNH, because as busy as the KNH is, payment is very efficient. In fact, I have found cashiers waiting for patients and have never had to wait for more than 15 minutes at peak periods .
    2 Staff Morale and overall efficiency
    The Management and administrative process at the opd is to say the least chaotic. The staff seem to be very demoralised. Of course, many of other departments are affected at different levels. There are some really very well run clinics in the hospital like the CCC which has clean and ventilated waiting areas and an electronic queuing system that works and staff who have empathy for patients. If only the rest of the hospital was like the CCC.

    All in all, the hospital needs to change, but if the payment stations and NHIF, could be improved, that could be a starting point.
    I wish this matter was brought to the attention of the hospital CEO.
    Yours truly,
    Peterson Mwangi Kimani

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