• Renee
    August 25, 2023 at 2:50 pm

    DO NOT GO HERE!!!!

    Keep in mind, I was in the VIP suite and my stay at their Mental Health Hospital for about one month.

    I thought about all of this and understood why I went crazy because this experience is unacceptable. I was put in a worse state after this so thanks for that.

    Here’s the tea:

    These people only value money, they don’t care about you. Period

    Essay Ahead:

    First Impressions:
    I was coerced against my will to go here. (I’m American) I wasn’t told anything or told my rights because if they did they would know they were infringing them.

    The dark skin receptionist with the dreads was rude as hell, lacking a polite bone in her body. How do you have an attitude when it’s your job to be nice? How these people get their jobs is amazing.

    They get mad at you for not having superhuman hearing, like what?

    My first doctor laughed in my face and then abandoned me the very next day. No communication, no nothing, just disappeared. I know her name starts with a P, heavyset and she was dark with dreads. Wish I knew her name because I would blast her name here.
    I have the right to not be abandoned by a medical ‘professional’. Strike one!

    The nurses are disrespectful, incompetent and lacking in empathy. Unhelpful is understatement. These people are the spawns of the devil. One of them got in my face and clapped like an angry seal when I didn’t reply to her. She had light skin, braids and dark spots all over her face. These are mean girls (and boys). When my family was coming over, she ran with her tail between her legs to avoid them. I was told bullies were cowards. It was clear they were trying to intimidate me because can someone properly reject something when they are dealing with thugs. It’s coercion. They run it like a prison so, why do people pay money for this again? Because I can get yelled at and disrespected for free.
    I have the right to be treated with dignity. Strike two!

    The food and food staff were good. Respectful and did their job. Give these people a raise, seriously.

    Ok, the second doctor, Sylvia and her associates Elizabeth and Kevin.
    After switching doctors, I was given three pills: a red one, brown one and white one. They told me it was because of my diarrhea but, I am less inclined to believe them. There was something so slimy and snake-like about them that makes it hard to believe they had my best interest in mind. And I was right they didn’t. They were so bad at their jobs that I questioned if they were psychologists or greedy pastors. It smelled corrupt. These people have the potential to help people but choose to monetary exploit the vulnerable. Shameless

    To preface, these people just ooze sketchy.

    Kevin was always late but it seemed like he was only talking to women. Not very good at his job but went to school in the UK so I think that’s why he was picked over someone who would take their job seriously.

    Elizabeth. I don’t like using this word but she was a bitch. If two-faced aggression was a person. Very unpleasant. Trying so hard to be authoritative, disrespectful that she forgets to do her job.

    Sylvia looks like a villain, like she goes home to a lair every night. Doesn’t understand boundaries, thinks that she can manipulate and poke at someone until she can get what she wants. Slimy. Thinks meds will solve everything, was reckless when prescribing meds. She coerced me into taking more meds because I didn’t want to stay there longer. How can a person say no when they hold your freedom over you, you have no power, you have no other options but to say yes. Moreover, She gave me the WHOLE PILL that night, which left me unable to walk the next morning. NO COMMUNICATION ABOUT THE EFFECTS OF THE DRUG, NONE! I was being taken to A to B when I hadn’t even eaten breakfast yet. Elizabeth was trying to boss up, Kevin asking me to do 101 things and all I wanted to go to my room.
    I have the right to refuse treatment. Strike three,
    you’re out!

    I shrunk and became someone I didn’t recognize. I forgot who I was and what I stood for. This experience here really broke me and left me without a soul. I lost any hope I had in people and their intentions. They are all greedy, self-serving bullies. I truly hope this place shuts down.


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