• James Mwaniki
    April 15, 2022 at 9:17 am

    1. Special gratitude to one gifted maternity nurse I knew as REGINA. 2. Experienced genaecologist Dr. SAUDA. These two are professionals lifting the hospital reputation hight
    The story: my expectant wife conceived last year and visited TNWH for confirmation. We first met Dr Saida who handled us exceptionally well. However, we changed the clinic hospital when we were mishandled by another doc our 2nd visit. On 7/4/22, my wife visited TNWH for normal pregnancy checkup. By good luck she fell in the hands of Dr Sauda who again examined and without taking chances she recommended her for admission. She also advised her on the medical cover. As the husband I was away but she kept on calling assuring me she was in the right hands of Dr Sauda. She met a good sister………who admitted her in ward 517 same day at 2pm.
    When I arrived at the hospital the following day, I met her in much labour pain. Interestingly, I found sister REGINA there always with her. She was soo kind almost playing my role as husband. She warmly welcomed and ushered me to the room and updated me. She encouraged us not to give up. She kept on reassuring that my wife will sale deliver that day. She kept on coming in our room and going out of her way to pray for my wife to deliver safety. At some point she saw some discharges she wondered why other sisters had seen it and did nothing previous night. She helped in inducing the labour until when delivery time set in. It is midwifery of REGINA that really helped my wife to deliver. She called me to join them twice during delivery but I couldn’t withstand. I gave her my role again and she accepted. When I went back to the ward I found my wife jovial with a baby boy having been helped by REGINA. She then guided us through caregiving and nursing of the mother. Sister REGINA MAY GOD BLESS YOU NIGHTLY as you are a blessing to Nairobi West Hospital. REGINA THE HOSPITAL AND I OWE YOU BIG. Your golden heart deserved a gold medal!
    I also thank the entire nursing team in general, public relations staff who came for views in the ward. GOD BLESS US, GOD BLESS TNWH.

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