St. Francis Community Hospital is a catholic hospital run by the Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi under the Archdiocese of Nairobi. The hospital was established in 2009 and is located in Kasarani along the Kasarani-Mwiki road.

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17943 What is this?
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  • June 8, 2023 10:14 pm local time

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    12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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    4:30 PM - 7:00 PM
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P.O. Box 62676-00200 Nairobi, Kenya.

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0713 969608 / 0741 689983


020 2445811

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  • Kelvin
    June 23, 2022 at 3:48 pm

    The Good:

    1. The consultation charges are affordable. Currently, at Ksh500, which is affordable compared to what some private hospitals charge.
    2. The guards are really helpful. On two different occasions, two different guards went out of their way to assist me and my sick loved one.
    3. The ticketing system works well enough. It keeps order and reduces incidences of confusion that you may experience elsewhere.
    4. Good and ample parking, and thankfully there are no parking charges.

    Areas needing improvement:

    1. No NHIF for outpatient services. For a community hospital, this, I must say is quite a glaring omission. So take note of this if you’re a NHIF member considering picking the hospital as your outpatient facility.
    2. The cashier system creates a huge bottleneck and makes the waiting time longer than necessary. It would be better if the lab and pharmacy have their own cashiers instead of going back and forth to the main cashiers and delaying the patients in line. On the upside, there’s one very exemplary and polite cashier that has served me on different occasions. You’ll immediately know her should she serve you.
    3. Drugs and lab tests as expected are quite expensive. Here’s an example of where NHIF could come through for some less privileged clients.
    4. Minor communication issues with some nurses but hio tumezoea. You just have to be perceptive and self-ware. Hii kazi yao si mchezo so tunaelewa the attitude comes with the territory.

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  • Kk
    August 27, 2022 at 11:07 am

    I think some of these people worship money ..they got no shrender of tenderness in matters of healthcare,if you’re not rich don’t go there

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