Avenue Hospital Kisumu is a level 4 private hospital part of the Avenue Healthcare group of hospitals. The facility is located off the main Kisumu - Kakamega Highway across from Kibuye Market.

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  • June 29, 2022 5:59 am local time

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P.O. Box 3271-40100, KISUMU.

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0718 860200

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  • Brenda Yegon
    June 1, 2021 at 12:24 am

    My visit today demonstrated inefficiencies and lack of care with patients. I arrived at 8:30pm. The receptionist took a whole 30 minutes to serve us with priorities to patients who are being discharged and settling invoices. Where is priorities in this hospital. The way a patient is treated at the reception is pathetic.

    After payment to the cashier who was caring less to attend to us, it took a whole 1hr to see a doctor. Then another painful 1 and half hours to get the results from the lab and back to the doctor. What actually tested my patience is when I asked the lab the results and they referred me to a doctor who instead of checking the system was chit-chatting with another doctor. He had the audacity to ask us to go back to the same lab claiming that the results has not been posted! Surely, where is your respect to the patients??

    Then we were asked to go to the pharmacy. Then to cashier to clear the bill. The cashier was not in the desk. Waiting again. What surprised me is they the pharmacist knew how much we needed to pay. When I complained that the cashier is not there she gave me the bill. Then I simply asked, what was the point of the pharmacist asking me to go and wait at the cashier yet she knew the bill. This is demonstration of lack of respect to the patients.

    This avenue hospital Kisumu- inefficiencies at its best! I bet it should be called a public hospital.
    My experience should be the last one.
    I am not coming back. I will share my experience to my family and friends. None of them should experience this level of inefficiencies. I will definitely ask them not to be referred to the hospital.

    Avenue Kisumu! You better improve.

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