HOSI: A Platform for Hospital Information

HOSI get its name from the sheng (urban Swahili) word for Hospital (Hospitali). The story behind our site was to create a platform where users could easily access all the important information for a hospital.

Some information which we provide include:

The amount of information available varies from hospital to hospital. We do however value any user contribution and anyone is free to submit to us any missing or incorrect information using the Contribute button available below the cover of each listing.

Two segments of information that we specially geared the site to provide was user reviews and location data.


Kenyan Hospital Reviews

We felt the user review was a necessary part to include as potential hospital clients ideally wish to know beyond just what services a facility offers but also their quality.

To this end we included a review system on HOSI where users can rate and review Kenyan hospital in a few important categories.

The overall rating of a hospital from all the users is added up and is shown on a hospital’s listing cover as well as on its card. Additionally, users are able to search hospitals on our Explore page based on their rating.

The review page can be found on each hospital listing by clicking the Leave a Review button or by switching to the Review tab.

This data is only intended towards helping Kenyans make informed choices on their choice of preferred hospitals as well as holding them accountable. All reviews and comments are therefore subject to moderation to prevent abuse.


Find Hospital Locations with HOSI

hosi logo
Location Data is a core part of HOSI as evident from our logo

On the part of location, we’ve integrated Google Maps on each listing to allow our users to get directions to a hospital.

On the Explore page all the hospitals on our site that have location data are shown on the map. Users can zoom and move the map around to find hospitals near them or any other locality they wish to explore.


HOSI’s Roadmap

At the moment we are in the process of adding more hospitals into our database. Currently we are only adding hospitals in level 4, level 5 and level 6 categories but do plan to include the lower levels in the foreseeable future.

User submitted listings is also something we may consider incorporating on or off-site.

As we start this incredible journey, it’s our hope that you’ll find this site a valuable resource and companion in securing good health.

We loved every bit making it, and we’d be happy if you shared it with your family, friends and colleagues.

Asante sana!


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