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  • Alex Grossmann
    January 4, 2023 at 4:59 pm

    I feel scammed.

    I had a nasal obstruction that caused sleep problems and needed surgery.

    I pre-approved this surgery, which was covered by my plan, for 3 months in advance with cigna. Everything was OK from their side.

    Then I had the surgery.

    After sending them the invoices, cigna told me nearly 18 months later (yes, thats how long the whole process took) that they will not pay, because somewhere in the process I mentioned that I had a stuffy nose every now and then as a child.

    They said this was me withholding information from them when signing the contract about the sickness that was already there during childhood.

    Which I cannot prove, because I was never at the doctor because of my nose, because there was never any real reason to go to the doctor because of a stuffy nose as a child.

    All in all, an absolutely horrible experience, waiting for customer service replies for months and months.

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